The Alvin S. Mintzes Hatzalah of Baltimore has been there for our community at every stage of the current pandemic. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that schools and businesses could remain open by setting up easy, accessible and reliable rapid testing sites. We have distributed pulse oximeters to help sick people avoid hospitalization. Hatzalah assisted in implementing testing for plasma donations, as well as the Weltab program in Baltimore, allowing family members to ensure that their hospitalized loved ones were well taken care of. Hatzalah opened the nation's first out-of-hospital clinic to infuse high risk people with monoclonal antibodies. Hatzalah partnered with another local organization to set up a vaccine site. Hatzalah did all this while maintaining its superior level of care and responding to over 1500 calls. We currently need to purchase a new ambulance, as well as to update and upgrade existing equipment in order to ensure we will be able to continue to offer the life saving care we have provided since Hatzalah of Baltimore's inception in 2006. Your generous donation today may save a life tomorrow.

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